IN THE FACE OF CHALLENGE: Perseverance in sales

Practical ways to increase your perseverance

This 100-page workbook companion to In the face of challenge: Perseverance in sales provides practical examples, exercises, templates and models plus prompters that you can print and hang near your desk to constantly remind yourself of the habits that build perseverance.

The workbook includes:

  • Templates for Mutual Success Plans (Close Plans), the Sales Productivity Model, Win/Loss Reviews;
  • Guides on how to set up reference calls and conduct deal reviews;
  • Sample sales meeting agendas, weekly planner, call and meeting planners, RFP response project plans, presentation check lists;
  • Personal discovery exercises explained in the book: The Energy Unit Exercise, Count Your Blessings, Three Gifts Technique and the Anxiety Assessment;
  • Practical tests to assess your multitasking ability and your stress levels;
  • Exercises to help you find out what motivates you;
  • How-to guides on limiting distractions from email, Linkedin, Slack, and other digital channels; and
  • Links to other resources, and other tools to help you develop perseverance in sales.

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