“In the last year, Frank has added tremendous value to the sales performance in our Commercial team, the Enterprise team, the BDRs and the CSMs. The flexible attitude Frank takes to his work has allowed us to create a bespoke programme of training, coaching and mentoring that suits our needs. Its been a real pleasure working with Frank.”

Will Griffith, Managing Director, Marketo ANZ, Sydney

“The coach-the-coach program we created helped identify and fix several structural gaps around planning and alignment with the business development team. It’s been a joy to sit in coaching sessions with Frank where he helped reps ‘get unstuck’ by going a few steps deeper. I highly recommend any B2B sales team to leverage Frank’s experience and extend their local sales enablement activities.”

Gale Dembecki, APAC Enablement Lead at Adobe, Sydney

“Frank is a rare mix of high intelligence, drive, and coveted sales leadership experience with successful global SaaS organisations. Nobody else comes to mind when I am asked who to recommend to help improve sales, from both a strategic, as well as an enablement perspective.”

Simon O’Day, Serial founder and builder of software and services businesses, Melbourne

“In a rapidly changing world Resilience is one of those qualities that we can never have too much of. Franks articulation of his own personal journey and how his experiences and learnings can be applied in a business context was sensational. One of the best sessions we have had with our team.”

Tim Cavill, Regional Managing Director Australasia at BT Global, Sydney

“Frank is my go to person when it comes to sales. He has been through many different sales processes with mid market and enterprise customers and been very successful. So when he gives me advice, I listen.”

Dan Holman, CEO at WorldStack, Canberra

“Frank provided sales guidance to Start-up companies in the Slingshot Accelerator Program. We engage multiple sales experts, but it wasn’t until we met Frank that we felt we’d found someone who had the experience and temperament to truly support these emerging companies. His modern approach to the sales process, with a clear focus on strategy and execution, further helped us shape our business.”

Professor Craig Lambert, Founder Slingshot Accelerator, Sydney

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