IN THE FACE OF CHALLENGE: Perseverance in sales

An inspirational and practical journey on how to develop perseverance in sales​

As sales professionals, we deal with much disappointment. Prospects don’t call us back; meetings are cancelled; we don’t get shortlisted; and we lose more deals than we win. Therefore, knowing how to persevere when things don’t go our way is crucial. I thought I was good at this until a kitesurfing accident left me in a coma fighting for my life. Surgeons reconstructed my shattered face with 42 screws, 11 plates and a titanium eye socket. My two-year recovery took my ability to persevere to another level.

This life-changing experience led me to research the topic of perseverance, which, it turns out, is not simply a trait you’re born with but is a skill you can master. In the face of challenge: Perseverance in sales distils what I learned on my personal journey to find out the best ways sales professionals can keep going when facing challenges.

Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or are embarking on a career in sales, this book offers guidance on avoiding and dealing with setbacks, stress and anxiety in your day-to-day role. Each chapter contains practical activities specifically designed for account executives, sales development reps, customer success managers, solution consultants, and other quota-carrying sales professionals and their frontline managers.

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Book Reviews​


This book is not another “sales book”. A unique blend of Frank’s own experience – his personal journey (confronting, deeply personal & inspirational) intertwined with his professional journey where he delves into his own mind and motivation to provide insights for all of us as to what makes us tick, and how to get the most from ourselves, and from every day. It’s a great book. – Mike Handes, Director, Strategy, Customer Success & Professional Services. 

The transparency and authenticity in this book made it an absolute page turner. It gave me so much perspective how to get, and maintain the right mindset for long term success in SaaS Sales.Sophie Stefanetti, Account Executive.

This book is much more than sharing tips and tricks on how to prosper in sales. Frank conquered not only physical recovery, a comeback returning to kitesurfing, but also developed mental strength and perseverance, a skill crucial to everyone, yet something that isn’t taught at school.Katarina Smelikova, Business Owner.

On one level, you may take away a reinvigorated drive to improve, to succeed and to win. On a more practical level, Frank provides dozens of great ideas to simply get better at selling. We all need to sell, whether we are in that particular career, interviewing for a new job or simply convincing your children to complete their chores.  This is a book worth reading, highlighting and regularly referring to.  It’s a book that really makes a difference. I highly recommend it. Steve Promisel, Sales Performance Consultant.

‘Must read’ for every sales professional who wants to take an honest ‘look in the mirror’ and improve. The book is one big invitation to work on yourself instead of trying to change circumstances that you have no influence on. Read this book, implement a few of the numerous lessons and I’m confident your life and your results will improve dramatically!Roy Sijgers, Coach, Mentor and Author.

Truly inspiring and a little bit crazy.Vishy Narayanan, Partner and Chief Digital Information Office.

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