My mission

I want to help sales professionals reach target with a calm mindset and a smile on their faces.

Often, it’s not the abilities of sales professionals that hamper their success. It’s everything around it – from how we train them, to the processes in place to qualify early stage opportunities, to the frameworks for discovery and meeting preparation, to the collaboration between the SDRs/BDRs, AEs, SCs, CSMs, and Marketing. Fixing that has a much higher impact, than organising yet another training session that everyone will have forgotten by the time they get back to the office.

Through workshops and ongoing coaching, I help front line managers and individual contributors become more effective. Working with me will create more focus, which leads to more confidence, more joy, more sales, and less attrition in the teams.

To share my views with a broader audience, I’ve written a book about how to persevere when facing setbacks in sales. It’s available now.

Who I work with

I am based in Sydney, Australia, and work with companies that need to scale their sales success rapidly. Often, these are SaaS companies headquartered in the US, Europe or Asia. They tend to have been in the region for a couple of years or are embarking on a hyper-growth trajectory that requires discipline and focus. I work with front line managers, account executives, sales development reps, solution consultants and customer success managers.

Work with Frank? Let’s connect.

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