The book

Just before I was to close off a very successful year in sales, I had a life-threatening kitesurfing accident that left me in a coma fighting for my life. With my two-year recovery as a backdrop, this book walks you through what I learned about building perseverance and how to apply that to achieve sales success.

Filled with over one hundred practical tips on how to stay motivated when facing challenges – and how to avoid them in the first place – this book is a must read for front line managers, account executives, sales development reps, customer success managers, solution consultants and other B2B sales professionals. Get it now in hard copy or eBook!

The workbook

A practical extension of the book In the face of challenge: Perseverance in sales, the 100 page workbook is filled with exercises, examples, templates, models, print outs, check lists, and references to other valuable resources.

It’s available as a downloadable PDF so you can use the material to improve your perseverance in whatever way works best for you on a day to day basis. Adopting just a handful of these practices will increase your chances of hitting target in ways that make you healthier and happier at work.

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