My mission

As a Sales Coach, it’s my mission to help B2B SaaS sales teams become better at selling. And I’ve learned that often, it’s not the abilities of sales professionals that hampers their success. It’s everything around it – from how we train them, to the processes we have in place to qualify early stage opportunities, to the collaboration between the SDRs/BDRs, AEs, SCs, CSMs, and Marketing. Fixing that has a much higher impact, than organising yet another training that everyone will have forgotten by the time their plane touches down in their home city again. Of course, it should be Sales Management who should step in. The reality, however, is that they typically don’t have the bandwidth to get involved at the level required. Sometimes, managers don’t even know “what good looks like” – they had too little sales experience themselves to really be able to coach their reps in ‘the how’. As a result, sales management ends up focusing on this quarter’s lagging indicators from the sales dashboard; the stuff that’s too late to fix. This structural misalignment requires an outsider who can help put the right practices in place to avoid this downward spiring.

Your challenges

  • Your sales rep pushed a deal out to the next quarter. Again. Why do some opportunities in the pipeline never seem to close?
  • Your sales reps say your competitors are winning because they’re dropping their prices. Why don’t your prospects appreciate the unique differentiators of your offering?
  • You want to get to C-level in your big accounts, but keep on getting pushed down.
  • You’re frustrated, wasting time and energy on expensive demand generation that doesn’t lead to conversions. Why can’t you get better leads?
  • You’re thinking of investing in more sales training, but haven’t really seen the improvements since the last time you invested.

The solution

As a SaaS Sales Coach, I will roll up my sleeves and get involved with your teams to make structural changes in the way they work. I will coach the Front Line Managers of the SDRs, the Commercial and Enterprise Sales Teams, the CSMs and help streamline the collaboration with Marketing. My methods and frameworks have been developed to make a fundamental impact on sales success – when I step away after a few months, your team will be operating at a higher level.

I am also very familiar with a topic that we don’t like to talk about in sales: setbacks. In 2013, I was involved in a life threatening kitesurfing accident, which took two years to fully recover from. The experience sparked a deep interest in what it takes to stay motivated and persevere in the face of the setbacks we encounter in sales.

Ready to change the way you think about sales? Let’s get started.

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