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In the face of challenge – Book

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As sales professionals, we deal with much disappointment. Prospects don’t call us back; meetings are cancelled; we don’t get shortlisted; and we lose more deals than we win. Therefore, knowing how to persevere when things don’t go our way is crucial. I thought I was good at this until a kitesurfing accident left me in a coma fighting for my life. Surgeons reconstructed my shattered face with 42 screws, 11 plates and a titanium eye socket. My two-year recovery took my ability to persevere to another level.

This life-changing experience led me to research the topic of perseverance, which, it turns out, is not simply a trait you’re born with but is a skill you can master. In the face of challenge: Perseverance in sales distils what I learned on my personal journey to find out the best ways sales professionals can keep going when facing challenges.

Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or are embarking on a career in sales, this book offers guidance on avoiding and dealing with setbacks, stress and anxiety in your day-to-day role. Each chapter contains practical activities specifically designed for account executives, sales development reps, customer success managers, solution consultants, and other quota-carrying sales professionals and their frontline managers.

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