An involved approach

Working with some of the world’s leading SaaS companies to change the way they managed sales, I’ve learned that a highly involved approach is required. To deliver results and really move the needle, I tailor my services around your specific needs, sales activities and opportunities.

I tailor Sales Consulting, Training and Coaching around your needs:

  • Sales maturity assessments to determine what improvements to focus at
  • Workshops to define what the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) looks like
  • Territory segmentation plans
  • Creation of sales productivity models to drive pipeline activity
  • Demand gen and business development strategies
  • Practical Trainings on The Buying Cycle, Discovery, Story Telling, Qualification, Getting in Early, and much more
  • Ongoing Deal Reviews
  • Role Plays to practise pitches
  • Ongoing 1:1 reviews with Front Line Managers and Individual Contributors to accelerate success.

Who I work with

I am based in Sydney, Australia, and work with companies that need effective processes to scale their sales success rapidly. Often, these are SaaS companies headquartered in the US, Europe or Asia. Once several reps have started selling on the ground in Australia, and SDRs are (about to be) hired, my expertise can make a big impact for scale ups, too. Startups who don’t have a MVP yet, are better serviced by a 101 sales trainer – I have ideas, but it’s not my sweet spot. However, if you have aspirations to scale quickly and to accelerate sales to a 301 level now, we should talk! Scaling is all about process – one of my main areas of expertise. I tend to work closely with the centralised Sales Enablement team at HQ.

Ready to change the way you think about sales? Let’s get started.

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