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The Problem Seeker in Saas

I recently bumped into a Job Description for an Account Executive for a SaaS company here in Sydney. Under "desired skills", one of the bullets indicated that they're looking for a problem solver. This popular categorisation often reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of what's needed in SaaS sales today. Read more

3 Ways in which Nemo can help improve your sales pitch

'Finding Nemo' might not be the first source you'd turn to, to improve your sales presentation. Yet, there are three key things we can learn from the amazing story telling applied in this classic animation movie. And no, speaking whale is not one of them. Read more

The ABC of SaaS Territory Planning

Not all prospects are the same; they don't have the same propensity to buy your SaaS Solution. However, territory plans of B2B SaaS sales teams hardly ever have a segmentation strategy that goes deeper than looking at "vertical" or "company size". The ABC model creates an understanding of what makes an ideal customer, and helps drive more focus in B2B sales teams. Read more

You’re looking in the wrong spot for your new sales rep

Finding skilled sales talent isn't easy. Commercial acumen is not enough; prospects demand value during the buying cycle, so domain expertise is a must-have in sales. Without it, the rep is not going anywhere. But there is a different way to look at developing that domain expertise with reps. Read more

What my coma taught me about the sales profession – Part 3

After having recovered from a near-death experience, I started researching the skills that resilient people leverage and then determined practical ways to apply those to the sales profession. This third article addresses how to create activity targets for a goal that looks Pretty Big and Improbable. Read more

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